We have two sorts of Volunteer. These are called SEHCO Volunteers and Task Volunteers.

SEHCO Volunteer

A SEHCO Volunteer is someone who wants to make a regular commitment. It’s a bit like doing a part-time job. In fact, you will be treated very much like a SEHCO employee. We will pay for you to have a DBS check and you will receive training. You will also have a ‘named person’ (a SEHCO employee or Board member) to help plan your workload and manage your contribution, making sure you felt confident and comfortable in your role. You will not be paid but you would get agreed ‘out of pocket’ expenses.

If you are a young person or someone hoping to return to work after a break, this sort of volunteering role can look particularly good on any application you may make for future employment. If you are an older person, volunteering with SEHCO can be a great way of using all of that life experience. In every case, your contribution will be valued.

For an informal chat about becoming a SEHCO Volunteer, please call us on 02392 739485.

If you would like to become a SEHCO Volunteer, please complete the SEHCO Volunteer Application Form and return this to our Portsmouth Guildhall Office or email it to admin@sehco.org.uk.

Task Volunteer

A Task Volunteer is someone who is not ready to make a regular commitment to SEHCO or who is, perhaps, unable to do so, but would like to get involved.

Task Volunteers help us in a big way but this help isn’t ongoing. SEHCO always has activities taking place, from carp fishing to creative art – and there are also important background functions in IT, admin and making sure our community centres look fresh and inviting. A Task Volunteer will help us with one of these aspects of SEHCO’s work. Having done so, and usually enjoyed it thoroughly, they may decide they wish to apply to become a SEHCO Volunteer. However, there is no commitment to this.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Task Volunteer, please call us on 02392 739485.

If you would like to become a Task Volunteer, please complete the Task Volunteer Form and return this to our Portsmouth Guildhall Office or email it to admin@sehco.org.uk.