Well Done Janet!

The following is an article from the Portsmouth Evening News covering the brave efforts of Janet Munro (Broadlaw Volunteer)

In a bid to keep community services running, a volunteer raised money by having her head shaved. Janet Munro, a volunteer at Broadlaw Community Centre in Fareham, raised £475 to go towards the running of clubs for children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

The 70-year-old said: ‘These clubs are so important especially for the youngsters as there is not much else for them to do so our club keeps them out of trouble.’ Janet, who has been a volunteer at the centre for six years, raised the money to pay for insurance and materials as the club receives no funding.

She added: ‘I want to say thank you to everyone who donated to the cause, Michelle, K B Salon, SEHCO, all the volunteers and my son for helping me.’

Read more at: https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/people/janet-gets-a-new-look-to-help-her-centre-1-8453267